United Colors of Mediterranée
United Colors of Mediterranée
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Oriental Jazz Quintet - Album Sirocco -

Resolutely centered around all these cultures that live together in the Mediterranean, the original music of the violinist Guilaume Dettmar testifies first and foremost a fierce desire to federate several aesthetic worlds to better melt them into a coherent whole. Carried by culturally and culturally diverse artists, eager to mix their passions, as their personal stories, this project, far from any angelism, reminds, if necessary, that if this music intended for all jazzifications and to the most disheveled improvisations can not change the world, nor does it soften morals, it can allow, at least, a salutary awareness. This is the essential.

At the crossroads of jazz
It is the day after one of the many bloody attacks in the Middle East, one too many, that the violinist Guillaume Dettmar, sensitized by this interminable conflict, decided, in the way he knows best, to testify to the horror of the situation and to express this fragile hope of peace to which all human beings of good will are attached. Way to ward off the spell!

By seizing this original repertoire, put a time under the bushel, on the occasion of an impromptu encounter, both human and musical, as only the musicians know how to provoke them, "United Colors of the Mediterranean" was thus able to see the day and take off.

From rehearsals in residencies - in Chamonix, at André Manoukian's - concerts in festivals - karellis, Carpentras etc. - via the jazz Saturdays organized by O 'jazz, the music has taken all its ease to refine itself as much as the group was fortunate enough to focus on the "swinging" services of a world-class jazz figure who came to live with his family in Orléans: the percussionist (marimba / vibraphone / drums) Jason Marsalis, the youngest of a sibling famous of neo-Orleans musicians.

on Stage : Guillaume Dettmar, violon
Philippe Draï, percussions
Pierre Bluteau, guitar and plucked instruments of the world
Jean-Jacques Taïb, saxophone alto, ténor et clarinette
Brahim Haiouani,doublebass

UCM's performance at "Jazz à l'évêché" last June sealed, de facto, a tacit alliance between the two prefiguring cities, the recent twinning. For Mediterranean music, it's not so bad! In fine, a "mare nostrum" very broadened.
Worn by the O'Jazz association, and thanks to her, UCM signs its first album Sirocco (O'Jazz/Socadisc)
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