Carlos G. Lopes
Carlos G. Lopes
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New talent from Cap Vert !

New talent from Cape Verde!
Carlos was born on the island of Santiago,& lives between his country of origin, Cape Verde and France, his land of adoption.
His music, inspired by soul jazz, is an invitation to travel, a ballad sometimes poetic and sometimes moving, at the crossroads of his African roots and contemporary styles of his generation.

A distinctive sign of his unbreakable bond with his native land, he often wears a blue-painted ear, a strong signal that his music is full of colors, those of the sky, the sea, places and dreams of his childhood ...

When asked the question about what he wants his art to bring to the people who listen to him, he answers without shyness or timidity "happiness and peace! ".
Carlos has the sweet certainty that his music can transform the world, energies and make lighter the worries of a day or the luggage of a lifetime.
Through his art, he wants to make his audience singularly aware of respect for others and self-knowledge.
A moment of tender introspection, like a care of the soul ...

2017: CD "KANTA pa skece"

2019: New album "Memoria azul"

Some scenes where Carlos played:

. Théâtre Sud Est, Villeneuve St Georges, Mars 2017
. Salle Black Box, Nice, Février 2017
. Théâtre Royal Mohamed V Visa For Music, Rabat, Novembre 2016
. Ligne 13, Saint Denis, Septembre 2016
. Atlantic Music Expo Praïa, Cap Vert, Avril 2016
. Festival Paris Music, Sunside, Paris, Mars 2016.
. La teinturerie, Richelieu, Mars 2016
. New Morning, 1ère partie de Marianna Ramos, Paris, Novembre 2015
. Semaine de la Lusophonie, Black Box, Nice, Novembre 2015
. Semaine de la Lusophonie, Médiathéque Louis Nucéra, Nice, Mars 2014
. Festival RIM salle Black Box, Nice, Novembre 2014
. Salle Pablo Neruda, Morsang sur Orge, 2014
. Péniche Anako, Paris, 2014
. Panam Art Café, Paris, 2013 à 2014
. Salle Stéphane Grapelli, Cédac de Cimier, Théâtre de Verdure, Nice 2010 & 2012
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