Claude Diallo
Claude Diallo
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New album in March 2020

"I found a new home" 

Franco-Swiss jazz pianist Claude Diallo travels the world to perform in front of a growing cosmopolitan audience.
His early love of Jazz was born from listening to pianist and composer Oscar Peterson.

A few years later, he pursued brilliant studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Aaron Copland School of Music in New York.

Claude Diallo began his artistic career in New York and will pursue it with great success for 11 years. He collaborates with the best musicians that the city can offer him to meet.
His motto: "Traveling through music".

He made his first trips out of Switzerland from the age of 20 and, by his curiosity, admiration and passion for all cultures,
With his trio "Claude Diallo Situation" he has released several albums that have earned him many awards.
He frequently performs in various jazz festivals throughout Europe, America and Asia.

His teacher Ray Santisi (Keith Jarrett's mentor, Diana Krall, Joe Zawinul, Jacky Terrasson, among others, played with Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt among many others)

"Claude Diallo is an extremely talented young pianist and I predict a brilliant future." - Andy McGhee (Lionel Hampton saxophonist, Woody Hermann)

"Claude Diallo Situation" in Europe tour from April 2020 to present the album "I found a new home" (Dot Time Records)
Claude Diallo at the Piano with bassist Luques Curtis (Grammy Award) and drummer Andy Bauer from New York

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Homage - Linus Wyrsch et Claude Diallo- Compo de Linus
Les feuilles mortes _ Autumn Leaves - Claude Diallo avec Massimo Buonanno et Laurent Salzard
You Make Me Feel So Young (standart)



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